Monday, August 17, 2015

Fresh produce is the best! Or is it?

Right now, in the United States, farmers' markets are now found not only near farms but also in urban centers.

It's the time of year where vegetables – sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, and even especially zucchini – burst on the scene and flood markets everywhere, their freshness and flavor making their case for buying locally grown produce in its prime season.

What color is your Pepper? A Washington, DC farmers' market
6 – 7 different kinds of eggplants, among other goodies
If you are also buying fresh, local produce, keep it up and enjoy your good fortune.

However, in the off season, frozen veggies can actually be a better nutritional choice. Who knew?

True, with some simple caveats -- if the frozen fruits and veggies are picked when ripe and frozen immediately AND fresh food has been picked too early and taken weeks to arrive in your kitchen, then frozen vegetables may be the way to go, especially if their convenience means you will actually eat them.

Fresh vs Frozen?  The answer is YES, eat your veggies.

Have a look at this ASAP Science explanation:

really ENJOY your vegetables (tip: add cheese)