Friday, December 19, 2014

Easy to miss - camouflage experts

Miss me? Busy busy busy is not an excuse for bloggers, but it does happen.

In the midst of too much work and scientific writing, here are some critters you can easily miss, mainly due to their cryptic coloration. That is the way they want it, as they make their living pretending not to be there.

even hippos can slip by the right conditions

Especially if an animal is slow, blending in allows prey, like an insect, to escape, and it allows predators, like an owl or a crocodile, to ambush potential food. Here are some real prizewinners -- it's just a list but enjoy the great photos and wonderful features of these animals that share our world:

Other animals blend in by being part of a large, uniform herd, making it hard for a predator to pick just one.

one of these things is not like the others.

but in their own groups, zebras can blend in with the best of them!

Still others, particularly caterpillars, pretend to be who they aren't, discouraging predators, rather than hiding from them. There are many ways to stay hidden (and thus alive!) in the natural world - these are just a few!

An Oleander hawk moth caterpillar.  Or an alien. You decide!
photos: Project Noah