Sunday, November 2, 2014

Breakfast for champions

can't eat just one (unfortunately)
photo: DailyMail-UK
Happy Monday Morning!

Did you eat breakfast?

Was it nutritious?  Or was is doughnuts?

A healthy breakfast has been associated with greater strength, endurance, and concentration and may help keep you from feeding your morning hunger pangs with processed sweet or fatty snacks throughout the morning.

Nevertheless, while avoiding the junk food should keep your body and its fat cells functioning properly, the connection between eating breakfast and weight loss is still uncertain.

Here's a fun article on the breakfast of champions for kids from a variety of countries. I love the variety from place to place and seeing what people eat, and I wish they showed more!

Breakfast in Tokyo
photo: Hannah Whitaker, NY Times

And for me?

This morning I carb-loaded like crazy after my first run in over a week -- 2 bagels with peanut butter and banana, a few pieces of fried potatoes (made for hubby), and a test of what polenta tastes like grilled as I waited for the potatoes to cook.

Polenta is really good!  Who knew?

My "lean protein" (recommended for breakfast, BTW) was the peanut butter on the bagel. I'm not sure that counted as "lean", and eggs may have been a better choice, but apparently the PB was better for me than just the bagels.

And yes, this was late in the a.m., and it was Sunday, so let's call it brunch.

What about you? What's for breakfast at your place?


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