Friday, September 12, 2014

Sloth to-do list, i.e. happy weekend!

The sloth to-do list seems really short and easy.

the sloth to-do list, from Liz Climo

There is, of course, more to it, as a lot of preparation and evolution have gone into the sloth being able to keep his or her to-do list so short. In honor of the sloth and the weekend, take a minute to consider some of the key steps:

claws for clinging and for defending
photo: Kevin Schafer/Corbis

1. Grow a lot of hair. A Lot of hair.

2. Move slowly to avoid attracting attention. Move so slowly that algae grows in your fur. Camouflage is your friend.

3. Sleep a lot, high in a tree, hanging by your crazy-claws.

4. Eat leaves and other low-energy food. Plus bugs that live in the algae of your fur (a.k.a. fast food). Become a self-sustaining ecosystem.

live it up - up in the trees
photo: Tauchgurke, Wikimedia Commons

5. Poo on the ground, thereby mystifying everyone, predators and researchers alike.

6. Eat, sleep, socialize, and reproduce while hanging in trees.

a (crazy) little orphan sloth, enjoying his new digs in Costa Rica


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