Sunday, June 8, 2014

Duck! Wind blowing

If you've ever watched little chicks or ducklings walking or swimming around with their mom and wondered how those cute little furballs would fare if the weather turned nasty?

Look no further:

No sound, but picture gusts of wind that send ducklings spinning down the street.

You can compare this wind speed to those that (literally) blow away reporters at this Endless Forms Most Beautiful post.

But wait, you say, ducks can fly (really well), so they should be able to deal with wind, as they do in mid-air.

cute.  can't fly.  tough anyway.
photo: Imgur
True. They can position themselves and their feathers correctly by facing into the wind and letting it go by, although storms can still blow them off-course or overcome them.

Except these are babies -- ducklings lack adult wing feathers so they can't fly are are just fluffballs waiting for lift-off. That fluff may just help them survive this vulnerable period, by buffering them from not only cold but crushing blows as well.

And the mom stayed with her little ones, rather than face into the wind, so she got caught by the gusts too. She's also just as tough.

Hear an expert explain this at Discovery News:

See? It's no big deal (minus 1 duckling?). All we are is ducks in the wind...

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