Saturday, June 21, 2014

Use that body (weight)!

circuit training on the roof - Bangkok in the background
Yea, summer! It's warm out, even in the northern hemisphere, and you just don't want to be inside, even in the gym. At least I don't!

With longer days, you can more easily get outside and go for a walk, a hike, a bike ride, a swim, or a game.

It's also a great time to learn and try out some new body-weight exercises. There are a ton of suggested routines freely available on line.

Here are just a few sets to try:

50 anywhere exercises by Laura Schwecherl at Greatist

10 quickies taken from CrossFit for those family vacations you might be taking

15 exercises especially for men (build those shoulders & pecs!)

by the pool - that drink tastes better after your workout!
All of these and others require very little space and are typically fast and furious - focusing on intensity and strength, rather than endurance. Some take just 7-8 minutes and assume you'll do several sets (but you don't have to - we won't tell).

Find a space in your backyard, by the pool, in the park, on the running or bike trail, or, if need be, on the roof of your building.

After 20-30 minutes of high-intensity intervals, then head to the pool! Or just go swimming and do your intervals there.

Here are some examples:

body weight strength training

variations on a theme...

another option...