Friday, May 2, 2014

How to escape badger Alcatraz

Can you count the escape tactics of the Houdini of the animal kingdom in this BBC video?

In case you missed them, here are eight ways to escape being locked up in a pen:
  • climb walls
  • dig under walls
  • enlist friends
  • climb trees
  • move rocks
  • build structures
  • apply physics
  • use man-made tools

The honey badger (technically called a ratel) is in the weasel family, together with other badgers, ferrets, otters, and skunks (as well as weasels). In case its powerful claws, strong teeth, and cantankerous personality weren't enough, the honey badger, like its cousin the skunk, can also produce a stink bomb when marking territory or if threatened. It's really charming.

taking on pretty much anybody.   photo:  BadassOfTheWeek

Of course no post about honey badgers would be complete without Randall's introduction to the honey badger's true badass-ness.  It's now a classic -- have a look and be impressed:

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