Monday, May 12, 2014

Bike to Work Week is on!

some commutes are harder than others
photo: FunnyJunk
This week, May 12-16, is Bike to Work Week in cities across the U.S., culminating in Bike to Work Day on May 16.

I wrote about bike commuting awhile back while living in Bangkok, likely one of the worst places to commute by bike due to terrible traffic and crazy motorcyclists that create new "lanes" on either side of moving cars!

Now that I'm living in a bike-able city, I've already started, thanks to the DC Capital Bikeshare, a bike commuting program in which $75 gets you free bike rides all over Washington, DC. You pick up a bright red bike at your departure point and drop it off at the storage rack nearest your destination.

Boston, Denver, Chicago, and New York, among other big cities, also have bikeshare programs, though northern European cities are still the kings of bike commuting, as the biking tradition in Beijing, Hanoi and other Asian cities has given way to increased motorcycle and now car traffic and pollution.

some biking benefits, from C.I.C.L.E

It really is nice to get a workout in before you get to work! Plus all that saving on gas, insurance, parking, and carbon emissions, and other benefits. If you're able to bike to work some days or every day, this is the week to try it out! You will probably enjoy the ride, and your quads and glutes will thank you.


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