Sunday, November 17, 2013

Here is a quick, funny follow-up to my last post on the heart, grit, and passion, and dedication needed to train for and finish long races like the Bangkok marathon.

It's The Day After, created to congratulate finishers of the New York City marathon, but the effects are the same.  If anything, the high heat and humidity of Bangkok make some of them worse. It does make one wonder about signing up for the next one!

Defy the numbers and run

In honor of my Bangkok Running buddies who finished their first full 42-km / 26.2 mile marathon at today's Bangkok Marathon, and friends that finished the NYC marathon and a full IronMan triathlon earlier this month, a reminder:

"Life is not a math equation. Neither is running."

In other words, even for runners that love numbers (that's a lot of you out there!) or feel they may lack the necessary biomechanics, we can't measure the heart, grit, or passion that are also needed to train for, complete, and even score high in big events.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Peek into the's vulnerable

We read about the extraordinary numbers of plants and animals that live in the rainforest. Of course, the rainforest isn't just one place - rainforests vary by continent, rainfall – though normally more than 2,000 mm (79 in) per year, elevation, and the underlying soil type. The communities of trees, birds, ants, fish, monkeys, and mosses you might find in Peru, such as these below, differ from those in Congo or New Guinea, or even Venezuela.
crazy katydid
my study subject, the bald-faced saki monkey
jacamars near the river's edge
The western Amazon, just east of the Andes range, is famous among biologists for the sheer number of everything that is found there. The problem is finding all those different species.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Clean teeth, clean heart

image: imgur
OK, so the Halloween candy is gone...unless you are very disciplined, so how about some help with post-candy tooth brushing?

Yes, I know, you've been doing this for awhile now and are probably an expert. Or are you?

For those uncertain about their brushing and flossing techniques or frequency, here is a helpful guide.

OK, here is the real helpful guide.

Why am I bothering with a post on teeth-brushing?

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

St. John's What? An herbal supplement analysis

photo: PatSullivan/Associated Press
A new scientific study that tested the authenticity and integrity of herbal medicine products by analyzing the DNA of their contents found that many herbal supplements are “little more than powdered rice and weeds.”

The Canadian researchers found that pills of 44 popular medicinal herbal products, from 12 companies in Canada and the U.S., were not what they claimed to be. Some used plants other than the advertised species, and others diluted or replaced the advertised herbs with cheap fillers, such as rice or soybean. Still others contained wheat or nuts, making them potentially harmful for people with celiac (coeliac) disease or nut allergies.

If you take herbal supplements (or not), this will be informative!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sugar's tricks and treats beyond Halloween

choices, choices
Happy Post-Halloween nibbles!

For those with a stash of Halloween candy, here are some fun facts to go with those fun-sized chocolates and other goodies.

First of all, here is – yes – a comparative nutritional analysis of candy!  No single winner, but several "better" options for different candy categories.

I was originally just going to leave it at that to honor this hallowed American holiday, but then I started reading about sweets...