Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fathers for fitness

Like Moms, Dads are super important for the fitness of every animal!

Sandhill crane feeds a chick
image: nigel from vancouver, Canada, Wikimedia

Whether you are a chick waiting for a meal, a penguin that hatches from an egg after weeks under protective feathers, a wolf pup grateful for protection at the den, or a grown-up human having a heart-to-heart about Life, Dads are key to our fitness, and, in fact, our very existence.

Some risk their own fitness for that of their young:

most extreme dad?  image: Hammacher
carrying tadpoles
image: Christian Fischer, Wikimedia
Mr. Ostrich enjoying Serengeti with the kids
other ratites such as cassowaries do the same
like father, like son   image: EssentialBaby

Even the many Dads in nature that just impregnate a female and head off to find another are, of course, a critical part of the Life equation, and they worked hard to impress her.

It's Fathers Day in the USA, so I wanted to wish a Happy Day to my Dad, the other Dads I know, and all the hardworking Dads out there. This video is for you!

It's a Dad's Life -- you can also view it here


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