Friday, May 31, 2013

The cicadas on film- a great video

The 17-year cicadas you've probably seen or read about (if not, check out the links on my May 21 post!) have reached the mid-Atlantic states of the US.

If you live in this region and/or want to learn more about these bizarre and amazing insects and how their alternative life cycle helps them maintain high biological fitness, have a look at that post, but even more fun, have a look at this video I just came across:

It's by Samuel Orr, who's worked on it for several years and now has a Kickstarter crowd-sourcing project to help fund it. It has great time-lapse videography, excellent close-ups, and a super easy explanation of their living and reproductive strategies - which is, basically, show up by the billions and predators can't eat all of you. Safety in numbers!

It's a great portrayal of these big-eyed buzzy climbers! Have a look, even if it's just to grasp the immensity of the emergence and the precision of billions of individual animals coming together in the same few-week period, knowing how to find each other, mate, and lay eggs and their offspring knowing how to find their way to the soil, bury themselves, and figure out life for the next 17 years!

Also, according to this updated (May 31-June 1, 2013) map of magicicada siting reports, it looks like the DC area and central New Jersey are this week's hotspots, but check your town!