Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Keep running

Like so many others, I'm speechless and horrified about the bombs at the Boston Marathon.  Bombs going off at the finish line of a RUNNING EVENT?  Beyond horrible, that is about as pathetic and cowardly an act as I can think of.

These were runners who have trained hard to be the best they can be at a sport that is free and available to nearly everyone. To bring deadly force upon them and the innocent people supporting them is an evil that is beyond my ability to understand. A child and two young adults watching the event were killed.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families. Senseless violence is horrible wherever it happens.  Whether we know the victims or not, their horror at what has happened is equal. Innocent children have been killed by bombs in their homes, in marketplaces, and on streets in towns all over the world, and it sickens me and people everywhere.

For all the runners for whom major running events will now never be the same, I hope we all will keep running. We maintain our fitness by both staying physically fit and sticking together with our fellow runners and fellow human beings.

Those of you who want (need?) to vent frustration and want to help those affected by this horrible attack might want to explore running sites or local activities.

Some of our Bangkok Runners ran to the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok to show support!

Runners World has a page on how to help or show support for the vicitims of the bombing

From - how to send help and avoid scams also has ideas on how to show support, including how to provide any information you may have about the attack.

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