Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bangkok Runners are LeCoolest

Dogs and wolves and ants and termites all benefit from running in groups. So do people, in all corners of the globe!

I've mention the Bangkok Runners before, but we've discovered that we are a Cool group, here in this otherwise hot and humid city!

A nice blurb in the March 7, 2013 issue of Bangkok's free online weekly arts and leisure magazine, LeCool, gives a good promotion of running and the Bangkok Runners:

As the description says, the group welcomes enthusiastic runners of all levels and abilities, even if you are in town for just a short time!

Bangkok Runners after a suburban jaunt
photo: Manfred Waibl

And there are apparently nearly 1,400 Meetup running groups, located in cities all over the planet, so don't be shy -- try one out if you like to run!

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