Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why we love to run

Love to run?  Can't figure out why anyone would?

Bangkok runners with mid-training smiles
photo: Miaow Siamwalla
The Guardian newspaper in the UK has just started a running blog, with a great first post on Why We Love To Run. It's a fun and personal follow-up to previous posts I've written about the theory that humans were Born To Run.

Have a read -- it may help all you runners explain your fixation to your non-running friends and family and all you non-runners try to understand us.

There are crazy runners enjoying the sport everywhere - even in the heavy heat and humidity of what has to be the world's hottest city!
(Bangkok Runners Meetup)


  1. Not doing much exercise at all since Thanksgiving turkey and need a kick start! hah

  2. The running group is a great motivator for us here in Bangkok. I know there are several running groups in SD county (and here is a link to walkers' meetups in SD:

    Or perhaps a weekly SweetCheeks Team Beach Walk on, say, Monday evening? (you could wear SC logo clothing!) Or SweetCheeks + friends walk?