Saturday, January 12, 2013

Exercise in the New Year (and beyond) 2: no money?

Excuses for avoiding exercise are so effortless and common, that I've assigned them separate posts!

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No time for working out is a big one that I addressed yesterday, but with all the hype about aerobics and weight lifting, and personal trainers, and the current economic crunch many of us face day-to-day, I wanted to stress that going to a gym is not a requirement for getting active!

This also applies to those of you who dislike gyms, so...

Excuse # 2: No money? (a.k.a. can't afford a gym)

If cost is your issue, remember that walking, running, push-ups, sit-ups, and dancing around at home are all free. Or try:

Yes, me, during my PhD years,
heading off to Uni
(Univ. of East Anglia) in the UK
(not known for its
dry sunny weather)
1. bike to work - transport and exercise all in one! Check out some tips and links for this in one of my earlier posts.

2. a no-gym workout at home - there are heaps of no-equipment workout possibilities out there, such as this one or this one. Or devise one of your own that is fun, easy to follow, and varied.

3. workout videos - boy, there are so many, I can't even begin to describe them. Workouts for various types of dancing, calisthenics, kickboxing and other activities are all over the web as well as on DVD. Here are tips for beginners for choosing one that suits.

4. circuit training - this is a type of interval training, with a variety of fast-paced, high-intensity exercises (the circuits), with breaks in between each combination of lunges, push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, punches and sprints.

You might explore Crossfit or boot camp workouts for particularly tough sessions in a group setting. These sessions are often more fun with a group, so you check sites such as to see if there is one near you.

5. Kids and dogs - If you have a built-in workout buddy dog, take it out for a spin and you both benefit! And your kids will love you for joining them in throwing a ball or frisbee, playing tag, taking them hiking or swimming or canoeing.

6. Get outside - Even without kids and dogs, going walking, hiking, running, climbing, canoeing, or skating the trails, rocks, rivers, and lakes out there are not only free or low-cost, but inspiring. Grab your water bottle, a hat and sunscreen, and a friend or two to go exploring your neighborhood, local park, or other natural area.

[ And if you do go to the gym, don't let current bigger crowds at gyms or other athletic facilities put you off -- apparently, 60% of gym memberships go unused, and attendance that rises in January apparently returns to normal by mid-February. ]

Next excuse: I'm too tired!

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